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Welcome to Necessary Strivings

Thank you for stopping by! This top post is an introduction. Scroll down to see what is new.

Necessary Strivings is my personal blog of reflections on the Gurdjieff work, with occasional pauses for news that may be of interest to those involved with the Gurdjieff Work (also known as The Fourth Way). Opinions expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect those of any other individual or organization.

Unfortunately, time constraints mean that I am not in a position to correspond or interact with readers, nor can I answer questions about The Work or put people in touch with groups. However, if you are interested in the Work, I can suggest checking out the resources below:

International Association of the Gurdjieff Foundations (there is little information here, but it remains an international point of contact)

The Gurdjieff Foundation of New York — Affiliated Groups (the best resource for finding Foundation groups in the United States and Canada)

The Gurdjieff International Review — Huge archive of articles on the Work.

Gurdjieff Internet Guide — Another great resource, many articles and interviews.

Introduction to the Gurdjieff Work by Jacob Needleman (.pdf)

You  may also want to view/listen to a series of interviews I did on Talk Gnosis with Richard Hodges, a group leader with the Gurdjieff Foundation of California (San Francisco).

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