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Gurdjieff and Fourth Way Books Available Online for Free or at Low Cost

Many people are interested in reading about the Gurdjieff Work and the Fourth Way, but lack the funds to purchase books. This a list of sources for free or inexpensive books in electronic format by or about Gurdjieff, his pupils, and The Fourth Way and is a work in progress. More books will be added as time permits. The last update for this page was March 30th, 2017.

Note: Many excellent texts are not available as ebooks and must be purchased as print volumes. In addition to Amazon, I can recommend two independent booksellers that have excellent Gurdjieff/Fourth Way collections. These book dealers are Fields Book Store and By the Way Books. I have observed that used books sold on Amazon can often be priced higher than those at independent booksellers, so I strongly urge you to compare prices before making a purchase.

Book Subscription Programs

These flat-fee programs allow you access to a large library of e-books each month. If you are a regular reader of books, you can save a fair amount of money with one of these subscriptions.


Amazon Kindle Books

There are several e-book editions of Gurdjieff and Fourth Way related books on Amazon that are available for less than five dollars. In fact, some are available for far less than that. These include:


Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson

Meetings With Remarkable Men

Life Is Real Only Then, When “I Am”

The Herald of Coming Good


In Search of the Miraculous

The Fourth Way

The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution


Sources of Free Books

HolyBooks.com maintains a list of downloadable e-books on the Fourth Way.

The text of Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson is available at The Gurdjieff Heritage Society website.

Introduction to the Gurdjieff Work by Dr. Jacob Needleman is available for download at the Gurdjieff Foundation of Hawaii’s website.

Archive.org maintains a selection of Gurdjieff materials, including audio files, videos, images, and texts.  Do searches for “Gurdjieff,” “Ouspensky,” and other related keywords.


Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.